Fundraiser Friday

#FundraiserFriday: Rising Filmmaker Depicts a Millennial Black Woman's Journey to Islam in 'Jinn'

Nijla Baseema Mu’min’s Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming narrative film is just $2,000 shy of its $25,000 goal. 

#FundraiserFriday: This Doc is 'Redefining HERstory' to Resist the Silencing of Black Women

“Redefining HERstory” aims to fight the omnipresent media narratives that demonize and erase Black women. 

#FundraiserFriday: This Comic's Dying Wish? To Film a Comedy Special

Quincy Jones hustles for stage time, even as he deals with the intensity of chemotherapy. 

Fundraiser Friday: Support 'The Enye (ñ) Experience,' a Deep Dive Into Latino Identity

Puerto Rican first-time filmmaker Denise Soler Cox needs your support to complete her touching documentary about Latino assimilation, culture and self-determination.

#FundraiserFriday: This Documentarian Wants to Screen Her Film on the Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland

SorayaSoi Free is raising $2,000 to premiere her film at Cleveland State University, which was the site of the historic gathering.

#FundraiserFriday: 'Who is Arthur Chu?' Depicts 'Jeopardy!' Champion Fighting Model Minority Stereotypes

The upcoming documentary on the 11-time “Jeopardy!” winner follows Chu’s personal evolution from game show winner to culture critic, reconnecting with family and bucking racist expectations along the way. 

Fundraiser Friday: Only Five More Days To Support 'Nana Dijo'

“Nana Dijo” is a documentary that explores the marginalization of black people in the U.S. and Latin America. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'In The Morning' Director Crowdfunding For Independent Release

Nefertite Nguvu, the director of this award-winning ensemble drama, is crowdfunding to bring her film to a theater near you. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Los Hilos Que Tejen' Shares Latinas' Powerful Stories

The Kickstarter campaign supporting the book project, which highlights the powerful stories of nearly two dozen Latinas, is entering its last week. 

Fundraiser Friday: Less than 3 Hours Left to Support 'Understanding Jim Crow'

This new book on Jim Crow-era racist memorabilia and imagery comes from the same people behind the Jim Crow Museum. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Kid Impact' Comic Confronts Syrian Civil War Head-On

This giant-sized comic will follow a young Syrian refugee as he re-enters the war to save his cousin. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Princess Planet' Books Will Feature Princesses From Around The World

The children’s book series, which is fundraising via GoFundMe, aims to bring a diverse and cosmopolitan group of characters to children of all backgrounds. 

Fundraiser Friday: 'Dick Gregory Film' Chronicles The Legendary Entertainer's Life Story

A crowdfunding campaign for a documentary on the trailblazing comedian and activist is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick.