Freddie Gray

Mistrial for First Officer Tried in Death of Freddie Gray

The Officer William G. Porter is expected to testify against the other cops who were charged with killing Gray.

Mostly Black Jury Selected in First Freddie Gray Trial

The jury’s racial makeup is nearly identical to the city’s.

Baltimore Activists Protest Police Commissioner Appointment, Arrested During Sit-in

Baltimore Uprising on Kevin Davis’ pending appointment as Baltimore police chief: “Since Kevin Davis took office as interim police commissioner there has been a heightened aggression from law enforcement towards protesters.”

Controversial T-Shirt Created to Raise Money For Cops Charged With Freddie Gray's Death

Baltimore FOP says it’s not involved in production of “Battle of Mondawmin” t-shirt that capitalizes off troubled time in Baltimore following Freddie Gray’s death.

Baltimore to Pay Freddie Gray’s Family $6.4 Million

Ahead of the criminal trial for the six officers involved in his death, Baltimore is poised to pay Freddie Gray’s family millions.

Baltimore PD Arrests Activist Kwame Rose During Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Protest

Also, the judge denied a motion to dismiss the charges against the officers accused of killing Gray in police custody. 

5 Photos That Sum Up 12 Months of Street Action Against State Violence

After the police killing of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, photojournalist Bryan MacCormack traveled the country documenting street protests against racialized violence. Here, five powerful images from his 12-month trek.

A Deep Dive Into 'Parenting While Black' in a Post-Freddie Gray Baltimore

Colorlines alumn Carla Murphy talks with moms and dads who say they’re struggling to protect their kids from racialized police violence and the street crime they don’t trust law enforcement to address.

Read: Huffington Post Explores The Brilliant Aftermath of the Ferguson Protests

As the first anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder approaches, a look at how the Ferguson protests have impacted the nation.

Baltimore Police Didn't Allow Rihanna Permit for Free Concert, Walking with Protestors

The superstar wanted to hold a free concert and join protesters in the wake of the protests after Freddie Gray’s murder, but was not allowed to, according to recently-surfaced internal police memos. 

Baltimore Medical Examiner Rules Freddie Gray’s Death a Homicide

Medical examiner says Baltimore police officers caused Freddie Gray’s death “through acts of omission.”

All 6 Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Killing Are Indicted

A Baltimore grand jury indicted each officer with every offense they were charged with. 

ICYMI: Jay Z Calls Out Tidal Competitors, Name Checks Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray in Freestyle

The music-streaming service owner also criticizes black people who are skeptical of his new effort but support Nike, Apple and Spotify

Baltimore Mayor Calls for Federal Probe Following AG Lynch's Visit

The new attorney general visited Baltimore Tuesday.

Watch: Police and Civil Rights Leaders Talk About Where We Go From Here

What happens now in Baltimore? Watch a live chat Tuesday, May 5 at 8:15am.

Watch Maryland State’s Attorney Mosby Announce Charges

I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No Peace’

State’s Attorney Charges Officers in Freddie Gray’s Death

The six officers involved face a range of charges, from misconduct to second-degree murder 

Witness in Van: Freddie Gray Wasn’t Trying to Hurt Himself

Donta Allen sets the record straight

Pittsburgh Radio Station Suspends DJ Over Controversial Freddie Gray Post

DJ Mike Jax “The Mayor” feels the backlash after posting his thoughts on Freddie Gray online. 

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Addresses Baltimore and Incarceration

Here’s how to watch.