AARP: Black and Latino Seniors Losing Homes at Twice the Rate of Peers

An AARP poll shows 16 percent of borrowers over 50 are underwater, and that black and Latino homeowners are the hardest hit.

Wells Fargo Settles for $175M Over Steering Blacks and Latinos to Subprime Loans

The bank has been a standout bad actor, both during the subprime lending boom and during the recession that it created.

Indy Rapper Brother Ali's #Occupation in Black Minneapolis

Brother Ali hasn’t always seen his work as political commentary. But ahead of his third studio album and a new political consciousness, all of that has changed when he got arrested while occupying a foreclosed home.

Occupy Atlanta Activist Fights Eviction From Family's Longtime Home

Carmen Pittman, 22, is fighting to save the home that’s been in her family for generations.

Report: Banks Let Black and Latino Foreclosed Homes Waste Away

Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank have let foreclosed homes in black and Latino neighborhoods lapse into disrepair, according to housing advocates.

L.A. Mom Deported After Protesting Foreclosure of Former Home

A 37-year-old mother of a 19-month-old girl, was arrested by LAPD officers for trespassing during a foreclosure protest at the home she used to live in.

The Street Corner Wisdom of Foreclosure Fraud: It Wasn't Me

The San Francisco County assessor released an audit suggesting that many more demonstrable crimes were committed during the foreclosure bust than we once thought. That’s not a quirk. It’s rampant lawlessness. And it’s by design.

Obama's Big Shift: Let's Truly Investigate the Banking Sector's Crimes

President Obama said he’s eager to debate equal opportunity in last night’s State of the Union. But he also offered a huge policy change he’s avoided for four years: investigate the banks’ housing boom crimes.

Strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Could Protect Latino and Black Borrowers

Discriminatory housing practices are one reason why our country needs a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Occupy Our Homes' Day of Action Sees Progress in Oakland, Seattle

Several banks came to the negotiating table with home occupiers in West Oakland, Seattle and San Jose, according to protesters.

San Francsico Crowd Helps Black Woman Move Back Into Foreclosed Home

Sixty people gathered in San Francsico’s Bayview district to help Carolyn Gage moved back into her family’s home.

Occupy Oakland Plans for General Strike, Occupation of Foreclosed Homes

Occupy Oakland organizers hope to make history again by shutting down the city: the last general strike in the U.S. was in Oakland in 1946.

Big Bank Law Firm Mocks Foreclosed Homeowners on Halloween

Employees for the New York-based law firm Steven J. Baum think it’s funny when families lose their homes.

300 Colorado Homeowners Close Their Accounts at Wells Fargo

On Tuesday, 300 members of the Colorado Progressive Coalition divested from the state’s largest bank.

Occupy San Francisco Takes on Wells Fargo Headquarters

Protesters vow to “foreclose the banks.”

1,000 Demonstrators Sit-in at Boston Bank of America Building

Twenty-four people were arrested Friday for a sit-in demonstrations at a Boston Bank of America building.

Here's to Occupying Wall Street! (If Only That Were Actually Happening)

The Occupy Wall Street movement is building steam as protestors battle with NYPD over the right to peaceful assembly. That’s great, but the crisis at hand–crippling economic inequity–is once again lost in the din.

Homeowners to Banks: Clean Up the Mess You Left in Our Neighborhood

Amid all the deficit and campaign talk, it’s easy to forget the foreclosure crisis continues to destroy neighborhoods. Community organizers in East Oakland got fed up and delivered the dirty problem to its source.