Citibank Pays Up, Finally

The huge penalty for duping investors on subprime loans won’t do much for the homeowners the bank bilked. But at least there’s a measure of justice.

It's Not a Housing Boom. It's a Land Grab

This time, the runaway housing market is being fueled by Wall Street’s gobbling up properties. But the results will be just as bad for regular people as it was four years ago.

Do You Accept Bloomberg Businessweek's Apology for Its Racist Magazine Cover? [Reader Forum]

Last week, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a magazine cover featuring caricatures of Black and Latino people swimming in money, feeding it to their dogs, and burning it for warmth. Colorlines’ readers react.

The Racial Wealth Gap's Larger Than Ever. Here's How It Will Destroy Us

The wealth gap is now larger than it’s been since the Census Bureau began counting it. The foreclosure crisis is part of the reason, but its more symptom than cause for the building catastrophe in the U.S. economy.

Ohio Homeowners Storm Chase Shareholders Meeting

Dozens testified demanding accountability for Chase’s lending. The bank has rejected more modification applications than Bank of America and Wells Fargo combined.

Report: Big Banks Leaving Abandoned, Foreclosed Homes in Ohio

Filings in at least three of the state’s cities were nearly three times more concentrated in communities of color than in majority white ones.

Neighbors Use Love to Fight Off Grandma's Foreclosure

On March 28 Catherine Lennon’s community, led by the housing rights group Take Back the Land Rochester, gathered around her to defend her home from eviction.

Foreclosed Families Descend on Capitol to Make Wall Street Pay

Protestors call for the jailing of Wall Street bankers.

Backward Mobility and America's Broken Promises

The recession is wiping out the jobs, homes, and dreams of the black middle class. There’s a lesson for our whole economy in that fact.

The Endemic Fraud the Foreclosure Scandal Reveals--Again

And President Obama’s willful complicity in Wall Street’s scam.

Race and Recession: No Recovery for Communities of Color

Our original report examined the racial inequity that helped create the recession–and that the crisis has in turn intensified. More than a year later, little has changed.

Race and Recession: Breaking Down the Numbers

Foreclosure and unemployment continue to hit communities of color the hardest. Here are the numbers.

Race and Recession: Foreclosure Losses Still Mounting

President Obama’s foreclosure prevention program has done little to slow the pace of loss in communities of color.

No End in Sight for Foreclosures

The recession still has more damage to do. And a new Center for Responsible Lending report says Black and Latino homeowners will continue feeling the worst of it.

U.S. Social Forum: Foreclosures Still the Story in Detroit

Bombed out houses and unemployment lines; empty factories and empty lots. These are the images that have come to animate Detroit’s decline, its deep and deepening depression.