food justice

Mapping Food Justice

An interactive map produced by activist Natasha Bowens charts farming and food justice initiatives owned and operated by people of color across the country.

Food Justice Wins We Can Be Thankful for This Year

Now’s a good time to show some gratitude to the country’s food workers.

Michelle Obama: Major Chains Can Make Healthy Foods Affordable

With Wal-Mart and Walgreens signing on to the deal, an apple a day might be easier to get these days for the country’s poor communities.

Do You Live in a Food Desert? Search Your Area

A new interactive map by the USDA tracks food access across the United States.

The Growing Food Crisis, and What World Leaders Aren't Doing About It

Rising food prices have plunged more than 44 million people in to poverty in the past year. That’s just the beginning.

The Future of School Lunches

The first significant upgrade in nutritional standards in 15 years moves forward.

U.S. Lags in School Lunch Makeovers, and We've Got Photos

Too bad there’s no late pass for student health.

America's Food Sweatshops

A new study from Colorlines’ publisher, the Applied Research Center, reveals deep inequity in the food system.

Michelle Obama's Well-Earned Victory Lap on Nutrition

As the first lady celebrates the year anniversary of her anti-obesity campaign, and keeps pressure on industry.

Another Way Neighborhoods Are Creating Real Food Options

Commenter Gordo chimes in with a smart idea from Minneapolis: Mini-markets

5 Ways Neighborhoods Are Taking Control of Their Food Systems

We’re glad Michelle Obama’s got our back, but here’s what some folks are doing on their own–and what you can do too.