food deserts

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The new issue of Baltimore City Paper paints the picture of Baltimore’s deep and multifaceted segregation. 

New Episode of Mic's 'The Movement' Explores Native Community's Fight to Reclaim Health and Tradition

“Food and access to food is definitely used as a weapon to help subjugate.” 

Celebrity Chef Roy Choi to Open Healthy Fast Food Chain in California

It’s a move that’s long overdue.

An Oasis in the South L.A. Food Desert

South L.A. is losing its supermarkets. Here’s how one community-driven produce stand is helping to fill the gap.

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You can eat well without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

Study: Nutritious Food Costs Thousands a Year, But Fat's a Bargain

Study finds following USDA’s updated balanced diet guidelines would add hundreds of dollars to the average consumer’s food costs.

Urban Foodies Look to Their Past and Find Recipes for Healthy Futures

Food revolutionaries in immigrant neighborhoods want to reclaim the healthy foods of their ancestors. They just have to find the ingredients.

Do You Live in a Food Desert? Search Your Area

A new interactive map by the USDA tracks food access across the United States.

A Food Crisis Is Coming, But Urban America Already Has It Solved

Urban farms grew out of crisis in black and brown neighborhoods. Now they’re an innovation all of America desperately needs.

Michelle Obama's Well-Earned Victory Lap on Nutrition

As the first lady celebrates the year anniversary of her anti-obesity campaign, and keeps pressure on industry.

Congress Leaves Kids Hungry in Order to Feed Them

It’s been a summer of false choices in Washington–pitting one vital need for struggling families against another.

Another Way Neighborhoods Are Creating Real Food Options

Commenter Gordo chimes in with a smart idea from Minneapolis: Mini-markets

5 Ways Neighborhoods Are Taking Control of Their Food Systems

We’re glad Michelle Obama’s got our back, but here’s what some folks are doing on their own–and what you can do too.

House Bill Would Serve Kids Healthier Food at Schools

The bill isn’t the comprehensive answer, but it does reflect a broader perspective on the link between children’s health and what we put on their plates.

Michelle Obama to Talk Obesity at NAACP Convention

Michelle Obama will ask for help on her obesity campaign at the NAACP’s gathering this summer.