First Amendment

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ACLU, Researchers and Journalists Sue to Legally Investigate Algorithm-Based Discrimination

The organization says the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act “prohibits and chills academics, researchers and journalists from testing for discrimination on the internet.”

ICYMI: You Must Read the Letter Activists of Color Wrote to Support Apple Against the FBI

Signed by Shaun King, Opal Tometi and others, the letter criticizes the FBI’s insistence that Apple remove security protections to investigate suspects’ Apple products. 

ICYMI: Missouri Rep Introduces Bill to Revoke Scholarships of Protesting Student Athletes

The bill comes just one month after the Mizzou football team went on strike to force the university president to resign.

STUDY: Advocating for Palestinian Human Rights Could Make You a Target

A new report identifies the major ways that pro-Palestine advocates are silenced in America.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Law That Created Buffer Zones Around Abortion Clinics

The law violated free speech say justices