Fight for $15

In Pictures: How Workers in 10 Cities Demanded a Higher Minimum Wage

Fast-food, janitorial, health-care and other workers hit the streets yesterday to demand a $15 hourly minimum wage and more job security.

The Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage Just Exploded

Organizers are calling yesterday’s Fight for $15 demonstrations the largest minimum-wage action in U.S. history.

Neither Hillary Nor Bernie Won the Democratic Presidential Debate. We Did.

From the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter, our modern social movements for racial, economic and climate justice are shaping American presidential politics in previously unheard-of ways.  

16 Fast-Food Workers Photograph What It's Like to Live on $7.25 an Hour

Local labor workers in Kansas City capture the hardship of their everyday lives on minimal pay. 

Tax Day, Arizona Dashcam Video, Fight for $15

Some of the today’s big stories

Black McDonald's Workers Fired 'To Get the Ghetto Out,' Lawsuit Alleges

The ten plaintiffs have worked a combined 50 years at McDonald’s.

New York's Governor Wants to Raise Minimum Wage to $10.50

Is $10.50 enough?

Chicago Approves New Minimum Wage: $13-an-Hour

Business owners are mobilizing nationally to counter the growing movement.

Fast Food Workers Show Strength in Numbers This Weekend

The Illinois gathering would have been unheard of two years ago

Live Chat: High Stakes Activism

Four activists who’ve risked their livelihoods, arrest or personal safety to achieve justice talk about what fuels them.

Chicago Fast Food and Retail Workers Strike

Fast food and retail workers are striking in downtown Chicago. It’s the latest in a series of mass actions for higher wages and union rights by services sector employees.