Saved by the bell hooks Tumblr as Great as It Sounds

“Feminism is for everybody!”

Pharrell Apparently Doesn't Know That Men Can Be Feminists, Too

It’s for everybody.

Eat the Cake, Anna-Mae

Beyoncé was decidely anti-feminist at The Grammys.

What's On Your 'Black Power is For Men' Booklist?

Cultural critic Mark Anthony Neal took a discussion about race and feminism offline by putting together a list of seminal books on the topic. What would you add?

Why Discussing Black Male Feminism is Necessary

Two important essays by black men on their path toward feminism give pause to the Web.

Michelle Obama: Fashion Icon, Feminist, or Both?

Clutch Magazine’s Jamilah Lemeiux writes that white feminists have still been slow to have the first lady’s back.

Wielding 'Gender Card,' Women's Groups Campaign Against 'Political Sexism'

Few would doubt that racism and sexism are handled differently in politics and the media, but how, exactly?

Looking Back, and Forward, on Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is a commemoration of history–the 90th anniversary of the victory of women’s suffrage–as well as a marker of the incomplete struggle for equal rights.

Time Pictures Afghan Women, Obscures Realities of Endless War

Just plaster a disfigured female victim on the cover, and presto–instant war morale!