Federal Communications Commission

FCC Eliminates Exorbitant Phone Call Charges that Separate Inmates, Families

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: “Voting to endorse today’s reforms will eliminate the most egregious case of market failure I have ever seen in my 17 years as a state and federal regulator.”

The Latest In The Fight For Our Internet

The vote scheduled for Thursday is the latest battle in a decade-long war for an open and equal Internet.

FCC Commissioner Says No to Pay-For-Play Internet

Will the rest of the commission agree?

John Oliver On Who's Messing With Your Internet

Best 13 minutes on net neutrality ever

This Week: End of the Internet As We Know It?

More than 100 tech companies and community media advocacy groups think so

The FCC May Change How the Internet Works, Which Sucks For You

And people of color stand to lose big.

Under Pressure, FCC Stops Asking Questions About Media Diversity

Or, how a little study about media access for people of color and women caused a big fuss

Net Neutrality Isn't Quite Dead Yet

But it is on life support after this week’s federal appeals court ruling.

Court Rules Against Open Internet, Strikes Down Net Neutrality

Will the Internet start to look more like cable TV? That’s what advocates are afraid of. Here’s why.

Campaign Aims to End High Rates for Prison Phone Calls

The ACLU’s new campaign aims to put pressure on Global-Tel-Link, one of the two large companies that continue to charge high prison phone call rates despite the FCC’s August ruling to reduce them.

What the NSA's Spying Has to Do With Racial Justice

A federal lawsuit from Verizon could overturn the FCC’s hard fought open Internet regulations.

Advocates Praise FCC's Decision to Lower Prison Phone Rates

After ten years, the FCC finally acted.

FCC Issues Order to Lower Prison Phone Rates

It’s an historic move by the Commission and years in the making.

FCC Proposal: Limit Burden on Families From $1.2B Prison Phone Biz

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn noted that in some states one 15-minute interstate phone call from a prison can cost $17.

Families Urge the FCC to Lower Price of Prison Phone Calls

Advocates say regulation would both reduce the price-gouging that incarcerated persons’ families suffer and simultaneously contribute to the social good by reducing recidivism.

Less Affluent Expected to Adopt iPhone When it Comes to Virgin Mobile; Insiders Warn Prepaid Market is Less Regulated

Analysts expect the less affluent to adopt the phone because prepaid services require no contract or credit checks for customers but others fear more people will enter a less regulated mobile space.

Teen Girl Filmmakers Stand Up to Comcast Exec's Bullying

Reel Grrls haven’t backed down after an exec threatened to pull sponsorship for their critique of Republican FCC members’ shady ties to Comcast.

Why Is Media Justice Such a Hard Fight? See: Meredith Atwell Baker

The revolving door between policymakers and the companies they regulate has rarely swung so brazenly as it has for the outgoing FCC commissioner.

GLAAD, Latino Media Leaders Take Aim at José Luis Sin Censura

Jerry Springer can’t hold a candle to this guy.

Will Users or Telecoms Profit From FCC Broadband Expansion Plan?

Consumer advocates listen with skepticism and cautious hope to FCC plan for closing digital divide.