That Time the FBI Tweeted About Martin Shkreli and the New Wu-Tang Album

Yeah, that happened. 

Feds Say San Bernardino Shooters Did Not Belong to a Terrorist Cell

And the FBI will reportedly bring charges against a friend of shooter Syed Rizwan Farook for purcashing some of the weapons used in the massacre.

WATCH: Video Explores Historical Links Between the Police and KKK

Fusion reports on the striking similarities between unsolved Civil Rights Movement-era killings and today’s police-involved deaths.

President Obama on San Bernardino Shooting: 'We Don't Know Why They Did It'

The president’s comments regarding the two Muslim shooters’ motive comes as some attempt to pin the crime on religious fanaticism. 

UPDATE: Minneapolis Cops Who Killed Jamar Clark ID'd, FBI to Investigate

And police donned riot gear and fired rubber bullets and a chemical agent into the crowd outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s fourth precinct building.

FBI Charges Two White Supremacists in Plot to Attack Black Churches, Synagogues

Authorities say the two men are adherents to an “extremist version of the Asatru faith.”

Justice Department, FBI Are Now Investigating #AssaultAtSpringValley

The FBI and Justice Department will investigate whether Richland County, South Carolina, police officer Ben Fields violated a student’s civil rights when he violently arrested her in her classroom.

FBI Joins Investigation Into Sandra Bland’s Death

The FBI joins Texas Rangers in investigation into Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas jail cell.

FBI Is Investigating Chattanooga Shooting as Act of Terrorism

FBI says they haven’t yet uncovered the Chattanooga shooter’s motive or anything that ties him to international terrorist organizations.

A Former Black Panther-Turned-FBI Informant Brings a Camera Crew to Work

For first time, a documentary film goes inside the world of an FBI informant as he befriends–and betrays–a Muslim man the agency has deemed a potential terrorist.

FBI Responds to Colorlines Twitterchat

Colorlines held a Twitterchat last week about the FBI’s new policy of tracking hate crimes against Arab-Americans, Hindus and Sikhs. Here’s a Storify plus some answers from the FBI.

FBI to Track Hate Crimes Against Sikh, Hindu and Arab-Americans

Activists say better reporting will also help with prevention.

FBI Says 'Hate Crime is One Possibility' for Blast Outside NAACP

Agents are “investigating all potential motives at this time.”

For One Black Muslim, a Prison Sentence for Refusing FBI Informant Recruitment

Connecting the dots between COINTELPRO and modern-day domestic surveillance of Muslims.

Will Demanding Justice for Mike Brown Land You a Visit from the FBI?

‘Justice isn’t here right now.’

Here's a List of the Muslim-American Leaders Under FBI and NSA Watch

Under secretive measures intended to target terrorists and foreign spies, the U.S. has been monitoring those committed to civil rights.

Assata Shakur and a Brief History of the FBI's Most Wanted Lists

What’s the purpose of the FBI’s lists? Basically, publicity and fear mongering.

An Open Letter From Assata Shakur: 'I Am Only One Woman'

The longtime political activist is once again defending herself amid renewed FBI attempts to extradite and imprison her in the United States.

Angela Davis, Attorney Defend Assata Shakur Amid New FBI Efforts

But why is the renewed effort coming now?

L.A. Mexican-American Man Arrested in Alleged Al-Qaeda Plot

The arrests are raising serious questions on how the federal government’s search for domestic terrorists in communities of color.