Facebook Apologizes For Not Taking Death Threat Against Hari Kondabolu Seriously

The comedian received a comment that threatened “a bullet” against him, only for the company to initially say that it didn’t constitute a threat. 

Cosby Admits to Drugging Women, the Pope's Tour, Twitter Wants to Know Your Birthday

Some of Tuesday’s big stories

Facebook Releases New Data About Staff Diversity

The company presented new information in their latest EEO-1 form, suggesting that its hiring and management practices are growing in efficacy.

Facebook's Latest Diversity Report Shows Little Change

The company’s latest diversity report shows little change in its percentages of white, black and Latino U.S. employees. 

French Taxi Drivers Protest Uber, Another North Carolina Shark Attack, Antarctic Yeti Crab

Some of Thursday’s big headlines

Germanwings Murder-Suicide, Rihanna's New Single, NASA to Make a Moon for the Moon

Some of Thursday morning’s big headlines

Germanwings Black Box, Amanda Knox Murder Case, Facebook Alert on Teleportation

Some of Wednesday’s big stories

German Plane Crash, Israel Spied on U.S., Facebook to Host News Site Content

Some of the big headlines today

Facebook Disabled Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford's Account. Again

She had to stop in the middle of a tour to re-submit her South Dakota identification.

How White Separatists Disable Native American Facebook Accounts

Facebook’s ‘authentic names’ policy makes sense in theory. Here are all the ways it goes haywire for users with Native names.

Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

Facebook is shutting down Natives’ accounts until they submit ID proving that they’re using their real names.

Cops Expose Their Racism on Facebook [VIDEO]

Biased comments online are forcing one Seattle officer to face reprimand for arresting 69-year-old William Wingate.

Sikh Cartoonist Stars in Facebook Video, Racists Go Wild

The man known to many as Captain Sikh America is caught in the middle of a hate storm.

Is Facebook's Push for Immigration Reform More Sinister Than It Seems?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently started a group to back immigration reform. But his real goal may be to secure a source of low-wage workers for businesses like his.

NYPD Using Facial Recognition Software on Facebook and Instagram Photos

The New York Police Department is using facial recognition technology to match photos of suspects with images in online databases like Facebook and Instagram.

Zimmerman Defense Turns To Trayvon Martin's Facebook, School Records

O’Mara said he wants to see school records from two high schools and a middle school, alongside archives of Martin’s activity on Twitter and Facebook.

It's a Big Day for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook -- and Hoodies Across America

If you’re white.