Executive Action

Donald Trump. White man sits at a table.

Trump on Stopping Border Separations: 'I'll Be Signing Something In a Little While'

President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to sign an executive action that reverses his own directive to separate immigrant children from their families.

Obama: My Administration Will Fight Texas Ruling

As a potential Department of Homeland Security shutdown looms.

Judge Halts Obama's Executive Action

Get ready for a dramatic legal battle.

Judge Calls Obama's Immigration Action Unconstitutional

Except the case didn’t require the judge to give his opinion on the matter at all.

Who Will Lose Under Obama's Executive Action?

“We have at least 5 million reasons to keep working,” says one activist.

Obama Introduces Deferred Action for Parents, or DAP

Parents of U.S. citizen children or legal permanent resident children are eligible.

Here's How DACA Will Be Expanded Under Obama

The program’s expansion will take 90 days to implement.

Could Pres. Obama's Action on Immigration Help the Fight for $15?

Increasing the minimum wage may require immigration reform

Obama Order May Give DACA Parents Some Relief

Insiders say the president will make a primetime announcement on Thursday

Five Things You Need to Know About Obama's Immigration Plan

Will it mean another government shutdown?