Excessive Force

Yellow police tape on ground reads, "Do not cross."

SCOTUS Hears Case on the Use of Force in Law Enforcement

County of Los Angeles v. Mendez asks: Should officers be held liable when they cause a situation that leads to the use of force?

Family of Jesse Romero to Sue City of Los Angeles for Killing Teen

Jesse Romero, 14, was fatally shot by an LAPD officer in August.

Police officers stand in front of a crowd of protestors holdling signs

Baltimore's New Police Use of Force Policy Goes Into Effect Today

ACLU of Maryland attorney David Rocah says it still has “significant problems.”

ICYMI: No Civil Rights Charges for Milwaukee Cop Who Killed Dontre Hamilton

The Department of Justice said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the officer intended to break the law when he shot and killed the 31-year-old black man.

Attorney To Injured Sureshbhai Patel: 'Follow Our Laws And Speak Our Language'

Officer Eric Parker is being tried for a second time for using excessive force when he arrested Indian citizen Sureshbhai Patel.

NYPD Pledges to Track and Report Every Time Officers Use Force

Inspector General report says NYPD falls down on tracking force, deescalating situations and disciplining officers who use excessive force.

Border Patrol Agent Indicted in Shooting Death of 16-Year-Old Boy

Border Patrol agent Lonnie Swartz shot Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez through the border fence. He was walking home from playing basketball with his friends.

James Blake On Being Tackled By NYPD Officers: 'I Was Standing There Doing Nothing'

The retired tennis star, who is black, was attacked by NYPD officers who mistook him for a suspect in an identity theft case.