Black man in blue dress shirt and navy blazer with grey dress pants; brown river with brown bridge against blue sky

Rasheed Wallace on Flint: 'That Water's Not Fixed'

The former NBA star and assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons penned a heartfelt essay about the Michigan city’s ongoing water crisis for The Players’ Tribune.

Riz Ahmed in blue suit with white shirt and grey tie against black-and-white background

READ: Riz Ahmed Describes Breaking Terrorist Stereotypes in Auditions and Airports in Stark New Essay

The British-Pakistani actor and rapper still gets judged on his religion and skin color. He wrote about these experiences, in audition and interrogation rooms, in a new piece published by The Guardian.

Solange Knowles in beige shirt and purple eyeshadow against white background

ICYMI: Solange Knowles Condemns Insecurity of 'Predominantly White Spaces' in Sobering New Essay

The singer wrote about a recent experience at a concert where a group of White women demanded she and her family sit down—then hit her with a lime.

READ: Mary C. Curtis Writes About Being Black and Catholic in the Time of Pope Francis

Curtis on Pope Francis: “Every time Pope Francis washes the feet of prisoners, embraces an orphan, speaks of social justice and ‘the least of these,’ it reflects the Catholic Church as I would like it to be.”

Plantation Tour Guide: “You Won’t Believe the Questions I Got About Slavery.”

A plantation tour guide realized that the slavery apologists who took her tour were seeking to absolve themselves for past crimes and current bias.

New Essay Series Examines What It Means To Be Black In America

Series features essays from Talib Kweli, Jamilah Lemieux, Haki Madhubuti and more on what it means to be black in America today.