Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt address employees at the agency's headquarters February 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Pruitt, long a critic of the EPA, faced a contentious confirmation fight in the Senate.

Environmental Experts Criticize Trump Administration for Repealing Water Protections

Agricultural economist David Sunding: “I am not normally this dismissive, but this is the worst regulatory analysis I have ever seen.”

Scott Pruitt heads the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald Trump.

READ: Inside the Fight to Advance Environmental Justice in the Time of Trump

A ProPublica article asks if it is too late to save the Office of Environmental Justice, which was created to advocate for climate justice for communities of color.

A supervisor takes a break from hoeing a cabbage field with Mexican farm workers on September 27, 2016, in Holtville, California.

Federal Appeals Court Rules EPA Does Not Have to Ban Harmful Pesticide

Chlorpyrifos can cause neurodevelopmental damage in children and is used on staple crops like apples and broccoli. 

Michigan Governor Says Race Not a Factor in Flint Water Crisis, EPA Official Resigns

Federal government pledges $80 million to overhaul state’s water infrastructure.