200 Men Launch Hunger Strike At ICE Detention Center Following Detainee’s Death

For the last 48 hours, more than 200 men have been on a hunger strike inside an Arizona immigration detention center in response to abuse and a “mysterious” death.

Attacks, Arrests and Deportation for Immigrant Hunger Strikers

Jaime Valdez was deported in the middle of the night, as he entered his ninth day of a hunger strike.

Immigrant Detainee Mom Hospitalized While on Hunger Strike

Anselma López was taken to the ER Monday evening.

Dispatch From Eloy: Detained, and Waiting for Reform

Inside Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, the newly prolonged wait for immigration reform is drearily familiar.

'A Girl Hanged Herself Here'

70 women go on hunger strike at Eloy Detention Center to protest terrifying conditions and demand their own releases.