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WATCH: Senators Are Reading Coretta Scott King's Letter About Jeff Sessions

The action comes after Republican Senators censored Senator Elizabeth Warren for attempting to read the letter, which detailed the Department of Justice nominee’s racist actions.

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From Michelle Obama to Bernie Sanders, Dems Kick Off Convention With Heavy Hitters

We break down the can’t-miss highlights of the speeches from the first day of the DNC.

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Marcia Fudge Replaces DNC Chair as Dems Work to Unite

The Democratic party is on its third chair since Friday’s email leak. The FBI just announced that it will investigate the breach of the DNC’s email server.

8 Must-See Reactions to SCOTUS Justice Scalia’s Death

From the White House to Congress to the campaign trail, what the biggest political players have to say about Antonin Scalia’s death and the space it opens up on the Supreme Court.

ICYMI: Elizabeth Warren Talks About Structural Racism and Black Lives Matter

Elizabeth Warren: “Black lives matter. Black citizens matter. Black families matter.”

Cherokee Nation Demands Scott Brown Apologize For 'Downright Racist' Behavior

The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation issued a strongly worded statement Wednesday denouncing the actions of Sen. Scott Brown staffers and supporters at a campaign rally earlier this week.

What Obama's Elizabeth Warren Retreat Says About His Power Problem

Warren’s had the two most important qualifications for the consumer protection job: power and influence. But the president likes to give away both, and so banks got their way, again.

The Poverty Nation Washington Built

Record-setting 2009 poverty numbers are the fruits of decades worth of anti-government, pro-corporate politics.