Federal Inaction on Immigration May Affect Latino Voter Turnout

Organizers say federal inaction on immigration may mean that many Latinos stay home today.

In Georgia, Immigration Frustration May Test Latino Voters' Impact

Latino voters may voice their frustration by staying home from the polls. Is this more than an election-season threat?

Why Are Non-Profits Banned From Politicking to Begin With?

Tea party groups today claim non-partisanship, despite clear evidence otherwise, but it looks like the history of tax exempt status for non-profits wasn’t politically neutral to begin with.

Ivory Coast Update: Laurent Gbagbo Arrested

The incumbent -president has been in a violent standoff since refusing to step down after the country’s elections last November.

Citizens United, One Year Later

Get ready. 2012 elections, here we come.

Salon Presents Best Race-Baiting Political Ads Awards

It’s been a tawdry election season. And here’s some compelling evidence.

Obama Lectures Young Voters on Political Apathy

The Democrats election strategy takes a decidedly abrasive turn.

Wielding 'Gender Card,' Women's Groups Campaign Against 'Political Sexism'

Few would doubt that racism and sexism are handled differently in politics and the media, but how, exactly?

Poor, Jobless, and Getting out the Vote

Labor hopes to make the unemployed their own political interest group.

45th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act

A look back at the historic blow for racial justice.

Today in Anti-Muslim Party Politics: Dutch Edition

geert_wilders_061010.jpgWith the Tea Party making inroads in primaries across the country, you might think the rabid outbursts and vapid sloganeering are a peculiarly American phenomenon.