education reform

Compton Rejects Parent Petition for Charter School Takeover

The fate of the law is uncertain as it’s considered by a new State Board of Education appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Crucial College Grants Survive Obama's Budget Knife, Barely

The White House’s 2012 budget draws a line around education spending.

What Does College Achievement Look Like in the U.S.? [Map Edition]

The Chronicle of Higher Education breaks the numbers down by race and location.

Arne Duncan, Spike Lee Recruit Black Teachers

Research makes it clear that a teacher’s race matters.

To "Win the Future," Kids and Schools Must Survive the Present

Education reformers argue the task is far larger than the president acknowledges.

Compton School District, Parents Face Off Over Trigger Petition

Both sides allege misconduct in the process to turn an elementary school into a charter.

Oscars Snub 'Waiting for Superman'

Looks like Michelle Rhee can’t convince everyone that she’s got all the answers.

"Parent-Trigger" Law Rattles Compton School

Allegations are flying that parents were misled about an effort to convert a local school into a charter.

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Calls For In-State Tuition

“This is your home,” the governor says.

Michelle Rhee To Leave Washington, D.C. Schools

The controversial education reformer won’t stay out of the spotlight for long.

Controversial For-Profit Schools Attack Community Colleges

After months of criticism, they’re not going down without a fight.

LA Teacher Suicide Sparks School Reform Pushback

Parents and students are outraged over popular teacher Rigoberto Ruelas, Jr’s death.

Merit Pay for Teachers Doesn't Raise Test Scores, Study Finds

The Obama administration’s big ticket education reform ideas may not carry much weight.

D.C. School Reform In Question After Mayor Fenty's Loss

Controversial reformer Michelle Rhee admits that her aggressive nature may have helped lead to the mayor’s downfall.

Obama Welcomes America's Kids Back to School

Obama offers lessons from his own high school years for today’s schoolkids.

Middle Schools Are Disciplining Kids by Throwing Them Away

School suspension rates are climbing, particularly among black girls.

Did Charter Schools Save New Orleans After Katrina?

Today only 38,000 students are enrolled in New Orleans schools, compared with 65,000 in the year before Katrina.

LA Times Forces Schools' Hand

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Los Angeles teachers.

Race to the Top's Round 2 Winners, And Why They Matter

Still, there’s very little that’s organic or local about the education reform movement.

Managing The LA Times Teacher List Fallout

Reporters refuse to back down from publishing teachers’ names with student test scores.