education reform

College Students Wage Campaign to Kick Teach for America Off of Campus

Student activists say the education giant fails to adequately prepare its corps members and systematically replaces veteran–and unionized–teachers.

'The Teacher Wars' Author Talks Race and Gender in American Education

First-time author Dana Goldstein talks about how race and gender have influenced the evolution of the U.S. education system.

Vergara Trial Ruling Could Help Educational Equality in the Long Run

Let’s look beyond this week’s landmark ruling for a quick second. How else might this otherwise damaging ruling help the fight for educational equality?

Judge Strikes Down California Teacher Tenure

Education reformers have framed teacher tenure as a civil rights issue, arguing that job protection for teachers harms poor students and students of color.

Newark Wins Ras Baraka; Significant Challenges Ahead

Ras Baraka win is a referendum on education reform movement.

Should You Celebrate or Be Wary of National School Choice Week?

Let’s unpack the ideas underlying the political concept of school choice.

Maya Angelou and 100 Children's Book Authors Ask Obama to Stop Overtesting Kids

Test-driven reform has been the hallmark of Obama’s education agenda.

Plenty of Common Ground in Obama and Romney's Ed Reform Pitches

Surprise, surprise. When it comes to school reform, Republicans and Democrats agree on quite a bit.

Radical School Reform Idea Spreads, With Messy Fights in Tow

Proponents are making good on their promises to turn the “parent trigger” into a national movement. But controversy continues to trail it wherever it goes.

News Corp. Will Save Our Schools, and Other Scarily Seductive Reforms

Rupert Murdoch sees a $500 billion market in turning public schools into private enterprises. Does anybody have a compelling answer to why that’s bad?

Feds: ESL and Black Students Get Inferior Educations in LAUSD

But will new reforms spread to schools across the country?

Relief from No Child Left Behind for States That Adopt Obama's Reforms

To some education watchers, Obama’s reforms don’t necessarily mark a departure from the market-driven reform philosophy that fueled No Child Left Behind.

What Explains the Post-Katrina Success of New Orleans' Schools?

Six years later, the city is fetted as a prime example of how aggressive reforms can improve results. But the question there is the same elsewhere: do the market-based ideas help all students or just those with resources?

States Debate, and Pass, More School Voucher Bills Than Ever in 2011

The volume of bills that would let public funds be used for private education has more than tripled in 2011. Education watchers point to the increased Republican control of state legislatures as a driving force.

Still Separate and Unequal, Generations After Brown v. Board

Nearly 60 years after the landmark case, we’ve yet to resolve the fundamental question of how to deliver high quality public education to kids of all races.

Why Fixing Schools in a Broken Economy Isn't Simple Math

Julianne Hing spent the school year visiting families and educators in Los Angeles. She found them navigating a reality that bears little resemblance to today’s heated reform debate.

The Education of Jose Pedraza: Why Fixing Schools Isn't Simple Math

As the recession deepens, it also complicates the effort to undo decades of educational disparities. Julianne Hing reports from Los Angeles’ public schools.

Reporter's Notebook: The Education of Jose Pedraza

Colorlines reporter Julianne Hing describes how one family has come together amid hard times to still get the best education for their son.

Michigan to Investigate 'Statistically Improbable' Jump in Test Scores

Schools are understandably cutting corners in their race to the top.

Six Los Angeles Charter Schools Shut Down

Is this a sign to pro-reformers’ commitment to accountability? Or proof that charters are untested?