Cosby Admits to Drugging Women, the Pope's Tour, Twitter Wants to Know Your Birthday

Some of Tuesday’s big stories

Feds Crack Down on Cancer Charities, Israel Ditches Segregated Bus Plan, Hubble Birthday

Some of Wednesday’s big stories

Justice Dept. Warns: Ebola Panic Doesn't Make It OK to Discriminate

“Both science and law must inform our approach,” the federal government says.

Jersey School District Apologizes for Elementary School Ebola Panic

Two children from Rwanda–which is Ebola-free–have yet to start the school year.

The Underlying Racism of Ebola Coverage

It’s impossible to ignore how the disease has become a stand-in for blackness.

Troops to West Africa to Battle Ebola, U2 New Album Already on Your iPhone, Space Taxis

Some of the morning’s headlines