Takiyah Thompson, Black person looks at camera

WATCH: Takiyah Thompson Explains Why She Helped Topple the Confederate Statue in Durham

“Anything that gives those people pride needs to be crushed in the same way that they want to crush Black people and the other groups that they target.”

Black woman in red and white plaid shirt in grey handcuffs applied by white men in grey law enforcement uniforms in front of crowd in multicolored clothing and green grass and grey sky

Activists Who Helped Topple Durham Confederate Statue Face Charges As Baltimore, Philadelphia Authorities Tackle Monuments

Takiyah Thompson was the first person charged with participation and incitement of a riot for helping to tear down a Confederate memorial in Durham.

Jillian Johnson in brown patterned shirt, sitting outdoors

Durham City Councilwoman Takes Heat for Anti-State Violence Facebook Post

“The most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers,” Jillian Johnson wrote on her page.

"Blackspace" in white text with white airplane, green and red arches, cityscape in the background

Afrofuturist Creator Seeks Support for North Carolina 'Blackspace'

Pierce Freelon describes Blackspace’s mission as “social entrepreneurship with an Afrofuturism twist.” 

Educators and Activists Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Student Deportations

“Our children should be in school and not in detention centers. We are here to demand that Hillary act on her campaign promises.”

Duke Students Sit-in to Protest Alleged Racism

Protesting students and supporters talked to Colorlines about the multi-day occupation and what it seeks to address.