NYC marijuana arrests

New York City Officials Vow to Revamp Marijuana Policy

The mayor and district attorneys promise to limit prosecutions for most offenses, but reform advocates remain weary in absence of codified law.

Heroin Epidemic

'Terrible People': Trump Again Calls for Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers

President Donald Trump outlines blueprint to tackle opioid crisis; critics pan his proposal as recycled draconian measures that target communities of color and have failed to reduce drug use.

How Bad Is the Black-White Disparity In Your State's Drug Arrest Rate?

Today the ACLU launched The Uncovery for folks to track exactly that.

Campaign Aims to Treat Pregnant Women Who Battle Addiction

Campaign emphasizes treatment over criminalizing women.

The Story of the Black Pitcher Who Threw a No-Hitter While on LSD

What makes his story even more interesting isn’t just that it happened, but that it’s been illustrated and put on YouTube.