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Heroin Epidemic

'Terrible People': Trump Again Calls for Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers

President Donald Trump outlines blueprint to tackle opioid crisis; critics pan his proposal as recycled draconian measures that target communities of color and have failed to reduce drug use.

Orange flames on a black background

The Final Fire: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Kerner Commission [OPINION]

The Kerner Commission concluded that unrest in cities across the country was the result of unaddressed racial and economic injustice. What has—and hasn’t—changed in the last 50 years?

Embattled NFL Player Josh Gordon Tells Critics They Can't Take His Pride

He opens up about his alleged substance abuse problem, and challenges sportswriters, too.

Does the Road to Prison Reform Wind Through the Right Wing?

Things have moved slowly on Capitol Hill. Now, NAACP says conservative allies may speed things up.

Justice Revisited! Crack Sentencing Reform Applies to Old Convictions

The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to retroactively apply Congress’ 2010 reform to drug convictions.

Evaluating the Drug War on Its 40th Birthday, by the Numbers

Forty years and $1 trillion in, the war on drugs hasn’t worked–unless locking up a massive number of black and brown people was the plan all along.

Javier Sicilia's Poetry in Motion Against the U.S.-Mexico Drug Wars

After losing his son to drug violence, a renowned Mexican artist set out on a cross-country trek to dramatize the death that our failed, militaristic response to narcotics has spawned.

Dispatch From El Salvador: Obama's Drug War Feels Eerily Familiar

Salvadorans watch uneasily as a new leftist government militarizes daily life in the same way the old right-wing one did–only now, they hunt narcos instead of communists.

America's Grisly History Haunts Obama's El Salvador Visit

Many Salvadorans remain uneasy about a U.S. government that, for years, backed a murderous dictatorship.

Wars on the U.S.-Mexico Border Divide and Conquer

U.S. drug and trade policies still do more to create instability than fight it.

Cali's Pot Legalization Initiative Digs Into the Weeds of Race

Advocates push the struggling Prop 19 by pointing to policing disparities, but even black voters aren’t listening.

Dispatch from Juarez: Fear and Happiness at War

A family describes its search for peace as tens of thousands die in a brutal drug war fed by corruption, and the U.S. black market.

Dispatch from Juarez: Snapshots of Peace, on the Society Pages

Amid raging violence, families and friends still find joy.

Obama Signs Drug Sentencing Reform Into Law

Reform advocates say the compromise bill is a first step to closing massive racial disparities in incarceration.

House Votes to Fix Drug Laws

The legislation would reduce disparities in crack and powder cocaine sentencing, which has swelled the black prison population over the past two decades.

Push to Fix Drug Laws Before Congress' Summer Break

A compromise bill awaiting House attention would reduce, but not get rid of the crack-powder cocaine disparity.