Drop the I-Word

Rep. Conyers at Immigration Hearing: Don't Say 'Illegal Immigrant'

Conyers is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Obama Immigration Speech Wordcloud: Undocumented vs. Illegal

Take a look at the word cloud below that illustrates which words were used most often during the speech.

Sergio Romo's Other Controversial Showstopping Shirts

Wednesday’s big story from the San Francisco Giants’ victory parade was relief pitcher Sergio Romo’s and the message in front of his T-shirt: “I just look illegal.”

José Antonio Vargas: 'You Know Someone Undocumented'

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who’s become one of the nation’s most high profile immigration reform advocates talks to Rinku Sen about his journey.

The Associated Press' Developing, Conflicted Policy on the I-Word

The AP’s policy updates are hopeful, because they articulate all of the evidence necessary to stop calling people “illegal.” Now the organization just needs to take its own advice.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Hosts Conversation on the 'i-word'

On this weekend’s ‘Up With Chris Hayes”, panelists talked about the merits – and pitfalls – of using the phrase “undocumented immigrant.”

The New York Times is Feeling the Pressure Over Its I-Word Stance

The Times is standing by its use of the word “illegal” in reference to undocumented immigrants. But they’re taking heat for it.

Latino Stereotypes Thrive in the Media, Negative Attitudes Dominate

An important new study has confirmed many of our hunches about how negative media narratives and portrayals of brown people play out in the minds of non-Latinos.

When It Comes to Children and the Immigration Debate, Words Matter

The i-word, like other harmful language, makes the village that’s supposed to be raising the child feel really unsafe.

Artist Encourages People to Report 'Illegal' Comic Heroes to ICE

“If ICE is going to be rounding up people and labeling them ‘illegal’, that has to be applied to these pop culture gods and goddesses,” says Neil Rivas.

Charlotte Journalists Pledge Humane Treatment of Immigrant Subjects

A youth-led campaign for media reform adds the city’s large alternative weekly to the list of local journalists who have vowed to Drop the I-Word.

Justice Kennedy Never Used the Term 'Illegal Immigrants' in SB1070 Ruling

Supreme Court’s 1070 ruling Drops the I-Word.

TIME Mag' New Immigration Cover Story: 'We Are Americans - Just Not Legally'

Jose Antonio Vargas is on the cover of the new issue of TIME Magazine.

DREAMer Makes the Front Page of LA Times Print Edition

The Los Angeles Times on Friday published a front page story that profiled a young architecture graduate student from UCLA that’s unsure about her future because she’s undocumented.

DREAMers at NY High School Inspire Community to Drop The I-Word

A group of students at Flushing International High School (FIHS) that are part of a DREAM are raising awareness about the Drop the ‘I-Word Campaign and how the ‘I’ word impacts their life.

The Plight of Transnational Women and How You Can Help Them

Monica Novoa speaks with Leilani Montes, a transnational mujer who celebrates and weaves the roles of organizer and advocate across her professional, activist and personal life.

New York Times Offers Apology for Playing Games With People's Lives

But we need to do more to hold media accountable for its depictions of immigrants.

Here Are Easy Ways to Have Tough Talks With Kids About Race

While we may think that we’re protecting kids by not talking to them about race, silence actually does more harm than good. Here’s what one expert says about how to meaningfully talk to kids about racial justice.

Is the New York Times Playing Games With People's Lives?

The New York Times uses the i-word as the answer to a crossword clue. Help us reach out to demand a retraction.

If You Care About Immigrant Rights, Learn Black America's History Too

This month, our Drop the I-Word campaign is urging immigrants and their advocates to join a virtual book club discussing Isabel Wilkerson’s “The Warmth of Other Suns.”