People in blue t-shirts and multicolored clothing walk on grey street with red and white spraypaint image in front of grey buildings

6 California DREAMers Sue Trump to Block DACA Repeal

They are the latest group using the courts to fight the administration’s plan to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

People in black and yellow shirts sit in the grass, surrounded by police officers dressed in black and blue

15 Protestors Arrested in #OutragedAndUnafraid Sit-in at Texas State Capitol

Led by young immigrants, the act of civil disobedience was aimed at saving DACA.

A young woman with black hair and a headband sits in front of a black backdrop.

[VIDEO] Meet Reyna Montoya, an Arizona Organizer and Dancer Who Fights the Power to Protect Immigrant Families and Their Kids

In the first of a five-part video series featuring immigration activists in Maricopa County, Arizona, Reyna Montoya talks about how even the risk of family separation terrifies children, how she uses art for healing—and that one time she stopped a bus full of undocumented folks from being deported. 

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ACLU Kicks Off 7-Point Plan to Fight Trump Administration, Protect Civil Liberties

The organization also filed requests with several government agencies, demanding documents regarding Trump’s possible conflicts of interest.

Man holds sign: "11 million need a reform now!"

Activists Coordinate Actions, Tell Congress to Stand Up for All Undocumented Immigrants

“It is imperative that a clear message is sent out to all immigrants: your protection matters and we must fight for it.”

Graphic: "We are a nation of immigrants. #SaveDACA."

DREAMers Share Their Stories Via #SaveDACA

“We don’t need a wall. We need to take millions of undocumented people out of the shadows.”

New Scholarship Will Send 500 DREAMers to College

TheDream.US joined forces with two states to help undocumented immigrant students continue their education.

Clinton Changes Position, Drops I-Word From Public Remarks

The Democratic presidential candidate’s about-face on the term “illegal immigrant” comes two weeks after she used the term in a speech. 

Mark Zuckerberg to Pay For Undocumented Students' Tuition

The Facebook CEO and his wife pledged $5 million in scholarships to The Dream.US

Southern California Weekly Publishes A-Z Guide to Being Undocumented

he guide offers illustrated definitions of terms that usually come up in the debate over immigration.

Is Immigration Reform Undermining Latino Civil Rights?

One veteran of Latino politics wants to talk about it

DREAMer Leaves U.S. by Choice, Ends Up at Harvard

Berenice Villegas left because the U.S. didn’t want her–but was then welcomed back.

"Dreamer" Erika Andiola's Mom To Stay in the U.S.

ICE buckled to public pressure

'Catch an Illegal' Game Thwarted, Becomes Immigration Reform Rally

Actress America Ferrera joined around 500 students and advocates at the rally.

Immigration Advocates Fast for Reform

Despite popular consensus that immigration reform won’t happen this year, advocates aren’t giving up.

Luis Gutierrez Shames Obama and Republicans on Immigration Reform Impass

Gutierrez says, ‘There’s much more the President can do about deportations.’

Number of Immigrant Youth Left Alone in the U.S. on the Rise

The number of unaccompanied immigrant minors in the U.S. has tripled in the last five years under a broken immigration system.

'The Graduates/Los Graduados' Premiers on PBS

A new documentary series follows six Latino youth across the U.S. who are conflicted about dropping out of high school.

DREAMer Activist Self-Deports After Time Runs Out

Juan Gomez voluntarily left the U.S. after multiple attempts for work authorization failed.

Three Faces of DACA

A year after Deferred Action for Child Arrivals was launched, young people are having very different experiences with the program.