Don Lemon

KIds hold sign that calls Trump a "racist bigot"

Did We Need More Proof That Trump is Racist?

The president said that Black and Latinx immigrants from “shithole” countries should be left out of any immigration deal reached in Congress. Who is surprised?

ICYMI: Van Jones Emotionally Recounts Prince's Behind-the-Scenes Humanitarian Support

The political activist and commentator fought back tears while describing Prince’s activist and humanitarian support to CNN’s Don Lemon. 

#AUCShutItDown Protestors Disrupt Hillary Clinton Rally At Clark Atlanta University

The protesters were confronted by Usher and Rep. John Lewis. 

Langston Hughes Warned Us About Trolls Like Don Lemon

In “The Fun of Being Black,” Hughes lampoons the absurd accusation that black people are race-baiters who enjoy “contemporary white-Negro batttles.” But based on his latest antics, Lemons actually embodies the kind of person Hughes was writing about. 

White Conservative Ben Ferguson: Rappers Profit Off of the N-Word

During a Don Lemon panel discussion, Ferguson, a conservative radio host, tells Trinidad James he’s only on the show because he uses the n-word in his music.

Don Lemon to Muslim Human Rights Attorney: 'Do You Support ISIS?'

New year, same guy.

Does Bill Maher Think I Might Kill Him?

Writer Waleed Shahid, a Muslim who was 10 on September 11, 2001, says fearmongering by broadcasters such as Bill Maher creates a dangerous climate for Muslim Americans.

Don Lemon Perpetuates 'Knockout Game' Hysteria

He does it again.

Jay Smooth: The Magical Danger of Sagging Pants

Jay Smooth was surprised to learn that structural inequalities suddenly disappear when black people stop sagging their pants.

The Best Take Downs (So Far) of Don Lemon's Tirade on Black America

Folks are fed up with the politics of black respectability.

CNN's Don Lemon: 'I Don't Want to Be Perfect, I Want to Be Real'

Creative Loafing Atlanta catches up with one of today’s most outspoken mainstream journalists.

CNN's Don Lemon Talks Sex Abuse, Calls Penn State Case 'Rape'

CNN’s Don Lemon says let’s just call what Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky did for what it is: rape.

Don Lemon on Colorism and Black Homophobia

The CNN anchor talks to The Root about coming out in the news industry as a black, gay man, and responds to claims that the industry prefers light skinned anchors.