Do the Right Thing

Asian man in light blue baseball cap and blue jacket next to Asian man in black baseball cap and red patterned jacket next to Asian woman in green jacket

Sneakerheads' Racial Tensions Ignite in Short Film 'Hypebeasts'

Filmmaker Jess dela Merced talks to Colorlines about her Spike Lee-advised film, which is now available online via KQED’s “Film School Shorts” showcase.

ICYMI: Check Out an Early Production Photo From Obama Date Chronicle 'Southside With You'

Photos from the set of “Southside With You,” which dramatizes Barack Obama’s and Michelle Robinson’s first date, made waves when they hit the Internet last week. 

A Film Based On The President and FLOTUS's First Date Is In The Works

The first couple’s love story will be coming to a screen near you.

Eric Garner and Spike Lee's 'Do the Right Thing'

What’s become clear in the aftermath of Eric Garner’s death is that NYPD chokeholds, though officially banned, happen all too often.