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Black man wearing a dark blazer and pink button-down shirt

READ: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Media's Erasure of Black Journalists

“Writing a book from a Black perspective is freeing. Seeing it constantly examined from a White perspective is depressing.”

This is How Larry Wilmore Does Race on ‘The Nightly Show’

Wilmore on covering race: “I may as well be the one covering this sort of thing and be honest about it, be direct about it and let the chips fall where they may.”

Effie Brown Spills About Matt Damon and 'Project Greenlight’s' Diversity Problem

Effie on the infamous whitesplaining convo: “That was not the full conversation, to be real. That was a more polite version of that exchange.”

One Photo Prompts Much-Needed Conversation About Latino Identity

Photographer Edgar Núñez captures a shot that captures the diversity of the Latino community.

Dori Maynard, Advocate for Media Diversity, Dies at 56

Maynard fought for diversity, representation, fairness and excellence in news media.

Following Ferguson: Did Your News Media Do A Good Job?

Washington,D.C., panel looks at how media covers race post-Ferguson and Staten Island.

Why America's Comics Are More Diverse Than Ever

Society has changed, and so have its superheroes.

NPR to End 'Tell Me More," Eliminate 28 Positions

The change is due to budget cuts.

PBS 'NewsHour' Called Out for Lack of Diversity

America’s publicly-funded broadcast network is in trouble.

UCLA Study Finds Link Between TV Diversity and Higher Ratings

But people of color and women are still woefully underrepresented on television.

ABC Announces the First Latino 'Bachelor'

Venezuelan single father Juan Pablo Galavis will be the first non-white contestant of ‘The Bachelor.”