Commission Urges California State Parks to Welcome More People of Color

“The visitors don’t look like California,” USC professor Manuel Pastor says.

Black and Latino Engineering Graduation Rates Don't Match up With Tech Industry Hiring

Where are the black and Latino tech graduates going?

Low-Income Student Enrollment Stagnates at Elite Colleges

Even though the numbers of low-income students has grown in the same time period.

Black Student Body President Stripped of Office After Mocking White Classmates

The incident highlights racial tensions at elite boarding schools.

ABC Announces the First Latino 'Bachelor'

Venezuelan single father Juan Pablo Galavis will be the first non-white contestant of ‘The Bachelor.”

Infographic: How White is the New Fall 2012 TV Season?

NBC leads the pack as the network with the most diversity in its scripted programming.

Who Are 'Gangbangers' and Are They Treated Fairly? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to the second presidential debate’s heated exchanges on immigrants, women, and diversity vs. fairness.

The Difference Between Equity and Binders Full of Anybody

This week’s presidential debate highlighted the fact that there’s a distinctive difference between getting invited to the party and actually having fun.

The Rhetorical (De)evolution of Affirmative Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

The case for affirmative action, from President Lyndon Johnson’s soaring 1965 speech to today’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

Why Our Vision of America's Future Must Count People of Color's Needs

It would be best to build an agenda for the country based on who and what we want to be, rather than on who and what we fear.

Chinese New Year 101: Welcome to the Year of the Dragon [Infographic]

Around the world, Asian communities celebrated Lunar New Year on Monday. Here’s what the holiday is all about.

Shakira Gets Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame, But Diversity's Still Lacking

The Colombian superstar fulfills her mom’s dream. She’s just one of 79 Latinos to get one of the 2,366 stars.

Critics Accuse CNN's Soledad O'Brien of Ignoring History of Blacks in Tech

Here’s who they missed.

Forget Diversity, It's About "Occupying" Racial Inequity

The Occupy movement is clearly unifying, and centralizing racial equity will help to sustain that unity. This won’t happen accidentally or automatically. It’ll take more of the difficult work that’s already underway in several local movements.

Media Is Growing More White. What's the FCC Doing About It?

A perennial problem is worsening, as journalists of color leave (or are pushed from) mainstream newsrooms and graduates entering the workforce face the largest racial disparity in hiring in a generation.

Real Diversity Looks Like Inclusion

Here are three ways to tell that your organization has done more than just count off some colored and gendered faces to meet a diversity requirement.

More Than Half of U.S. Children Under Age 2 Are Of Color

Here’s more proof that the country is growing more diverse. The question now is how our policies will reflect that change.

Survey Says: Capitol Hill's Staff Is Lily White

We asked some staffers of color what that means for public policy, and why it’s such an intransigent problem.

A Picture of America's Changing Demographics

Center for American Progress has some compelling graphics on the Census 2010 data that’s got folks buzzing about diversity.