READ: Former CBS Exec Calls Out Racism at Media Giant

Former head of diversity Whitney Davis writes that the company is “fraught with systemic racism, discrimination and sexual harassment.”

Golf club on green grass

Golfing While Black: Club Calls Police on Women for 'Playing Too Slowly'

“It was a horrific experience.”

Joe Gratz via Flickr Creative Commons

Washington Is First State to Adopt Comprehensive Anti-Bias Rule for Jury Selection

“This groundbreaking rule for jury selection will reduce the damage done by racial and ethnic bias to the integrity of our judicial system and to communities of color.”

Forum Explores Widespread Discrimination Experienced by People of Color

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation forum focused on community-driven solutions to discrimination in health, housing and policing.

Black man holds sign that reads: "We demand living wage fares, no pool fare, protection from exploitation, union representation."

How the On-Demand Economy Enables the Cycle of Racial Labor Discrimination

We talked to the National Employment Law Project’s Nayantara Mehta about how apps like Uber exploit workers and dress up old models of discrimination in shiny new clothes.

Blue and gold police seal with white text against black background

ICYMI: Denver Sheriff Department Settles Discriminatory Hiring Lawsuit

The U.S. Department of Justice sued the department for discriminating against work-authorized undocumented immigrants during the hiring process.

Uber and Lyft homescreen graphics, side by side

STUDY: Uber And Lyft Drivers Discriminate Based on Passenger Race

“The study has found major areas of racial discrimination within this new industry. It’s quite concerning.”

Pink-and-white Airbnb app on black-and-grey iPhone screen surrounded by multi-colored apps

Following Criticism for Racist Hosts, Airbnb Pledges Changes to Platform, Protocol

The reforms come after years of criticism from activists and users of color who feel the home-sharing website doesn’t do enough to address some users’ racist bias.

ICYMI: Black Firefighter Sues Boston Red Sox for Discrimination

Robert C. Cox says Fenway Park security denied him and another Black firefighter entry, but allowed a White colleague to perform a safety inspection. 

STUDY: Feeling Stressed Out? Discrimination May Be to Blame.

A new study links discrimination—from microaggressions to race-fueled police violence—with heightened stress levels and illness.

Federal Lawsuit Alleges Employee Discrimination at B&H Photo & Electronics

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against the New York City-based retailer for discriminating against employees.

House Passes Bill That Would Allow Auto Dealers to Charge People of Color More

House Democrats and Republicans reached across the aisle in a move that could eliminate a consumer protection that prevents car dealers from charging Black and Latino customers more for their vehicles.

Women Thrown Off Wine Train for #LaughingWhileBlack File $11 Million Lawsuit

The women also want the company to institute racial sensitivity training.

Flight Attendant Who Refused Muslim Woman Soda Will 'No Longer Serve'

The Shuttle America flight attendent who denied Muslim-American Tahera Ahmad an unopened can of cola because she could use it “as a weapon” loses her wings. 

Supreme Court Rules Abercrombie & Fitch Discriminated Against Muslim Applicant

In an 8-to-1 decision, the justices found that the chain violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act 

Columbia University Dining’s Unofficial English-Only Rule Raises Concern

Workers and students say dining employees are prohibited from speaking Spanish on the job. One campus group is fighting back.

Justice Department Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Traffic Stops

It’s the third report in two years to find discriminatory practice by police

Obama Turned Away from Three Elite Golf Clubs

One is owned by Donald Trump, who poked fun at the incident.

New Report Tracks Discrimination Against California's Muslims

And those perceived to “look Muslim” too

Navajo Kindergartener Told to Cut his Hair, Sent Home on First Day of School

Dreadlocks are also prohibited in this West Texas school district