Digital Divide

Boy in navy blue shirt sits in front of a computer monitor.

WATCH: Rural Mississippians Fight the Digital Divide in New Episode of 'The Movement'

Host Darnell L. Moore traverses Mississippi to investigate how digital culture’s advances leave many impoverished rural residents behind.

This FCC Vote Will Bring Broadband to More Low-Income Families

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to expand the Lifeline program—which currently subsidizes phone plans for many low-income Americans—to include broadband Internet access. 

Everything President Obama Said About the Digital Divide During His SxSW Keynote

“It’s not enough just to focus on what’s the cool next thing. Part of what we have to do is to figure out how do we use and harness the cool next thing to make sure that everybody in this country has opportunity.”

Kansas City Has Warp-Speed Internet, and 20th Century Digital Divide

Seventy percent of Kansas City public-school students do not have Internet access at home.