Detention centers

READ: WWII Internment Camp Survivor Visits Detention Centers, Illuminates Striking Similarities

“The parallels, the resonance, the familiarity of the situation was really clear,” Dr. Satsuki Ina told the Los Angeles Times. 

Customs and Border Protection Issues New Custody Standards

The ACLU says the reforms don’t go far enough.

STUDY: 1 in 3 Migrants Deported at the Mexican Border Experience Abuse

From verbal abuse to racial discrimination, more than a third of those deported by Border Patrol were subjected to mistreatment.

ICE Contracts With Private Prison Company to Manage Cases of Asylum-Seeking Immigrants

Activist Mary Small: “To entrust the care and well-being of traumatized asylum-seeking women and children to a subsidiary of GEO Group, a private prison company with an extensive rap sheet of human rights abuses, is unconscionable.”

Attorney Barred From Visiting Clients in Immigration Detention Centers

Nonprofit Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement says its visitation rights were revoked because of advocacy efforts.

Judge Rules Federal Government Must Release Children From Detention Centers

Judge says government can only hold minor children in family detention centers for 72 hours.

‘Visions From The Inside’ Turns Letters From Detained Immigrants Into Transformative Art

Fifteen artists came together to provide a peak inside American immigrant detention centers.

200 Men Launch Hunger Strike At ICE Detention Center Following Detainee’s Death

For the last 48 hours, more than 200 men have been on a hunger strike inside an Arizona immigration detention center in response to abuse and a “mysterious” death.

Immigration Detention Quotas Have Kept Families Apart for 55 Million Nights

Congressional mandates mean the U.S. is required to lock up 34,000 immigrant detainees a day.

Attacks, Arrests and Deportation for Immigrant Hunger Strikers

Jaime Valdez was deported in the middle of the night, as he entered his ninth day of a hunger strike.