detention centers

Nation's Largest Family Immigrant Detention Facility Opens in Texas

“Our border is not open to illegal migration, and if you come here, you should not expect to simply be released,” homeland security secretary Jeh Johnson said.

Groups Sue Over Fast-Track Deportations of Migrant Mothers

Women and children fleeing for their lives are being fast-tracked back out of the country, despite their potential claims for asylum.

Georgia Immigrant Detainees 'Riot' Over Maggot-Filled Food

Detainees at multiple detention centers around the country have strikingly similar complaints.

DREAMers Send Themselves to Detention, And Find So Many More DREAMers Behind Bars

The Obama administration refuses to follow its own deportation policies, and activists are calling the president out on it.

Child Sex Abuse Reported at Shelter for Undocumented Youth

A former case manager at a shelter for undocumented youth caught crossing the border by themselves is being accused of sexually abusing six teenagers while he was supervising calls they made to relatives in Central America.

ICE to Open Immigration Detention Facility Touted as Model for Reform

The facility will hold detainees in “more normalized conditions” with such luxuries as privacy in toilets and showers and expanded access to outdoor recreation.

Dispatch From Detention: A Rare Look Inside Our 'Humane' Immigration Jails

Deporting 400,000 people a year means big business for the rural towns and private prison contractors that warehouse many detained immigrants.