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How Today's SCOTUS Hearing Will Impact Detained Undocumented Immigrants

Supreme Court justices’ decision in Jennings v. Rodriguez will determine if the government must provide immigrants facing deportation with bond hearings after six months of detention. 

Why Jennicet Gutiérrez Interrupted President Obama at White House Pride

 ”I spoke out because our issues and struggles can no longer be ignored,” says the trans activist. 

Five Questions to Think About During Clinton’s Remarks on Immigration

The Democratic presidential candidate will speak in Nevada this evening

California's Drivers License for the Undocumented Carries Risks

Immigration advocates have celebrated the passage of California’s AB-60, a law that allows undocumented people to apply for drivers licenses. Still, the process can be lengthy, costly, and under rare circumstances, could lead to arrest.

Why Mothers Are on Strike at Karnes Immigrant Detention Center

“We want our FREEDOM,” they’ve written in a letter obtained by Colorlines

Goodbye, Secure Communities. Hello, Priority Enforcement Program

S-Comm has long been blasted as reaching too far. Will PEP-Comm be better?

ICE Detention Officer Complains About 'Third World' Mothers and Children

Things are getting pretty bad at the Artesia detention center

Central American Child Migrants Testify Before Congress [Photos]

Three children bring a congressional hearing to tears.

ICE Detains Pregnant Women Against Its Own Policy

The estimate is that up to 57 pregnant immigrant women are being detained daily.

The Dream 9, One Year Later

We check in with three of the nine people who made headlines when they reentered the U.S. to ask for asylum.

Immigration Detention Quotas Have Kept Families Apart for 55 Million Nights

Congressional mandates mean the U.S. is required to lock up 34,000 immigrant detainees a day.

Jose Antonio Vargas Detained by Border Patrol

Vargas has been taken into custody at the McAllen Border Patrol Station.

Active Military Post Prepares to Detain Immigrant Children

The children are mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Immigrant Detainees Work for a Dollar a Day

Hard work, low pay and threats of solitary confinement

Asylum Seekers Demand Release from El Paso Detention

Even after establishing credible fear, detainees remain in custody.

Video: Immigration Policy Harms U.S. Citizens, Too

The citizen son of undocumented immigrants explains what’s at stake for mixed-status families.

Hunger Striking at the White House

The strike against immigrant detentions and deportations will continue indefinitely.

Undocumented Activists Seek Meeting with Obama

Many remain skeptical that immigration enforcement will change.

Watch DREAMers Come Back Home

Two live streams are airing both sides of another historic border crossing.

Attacks, Arrests and Deportation for Immigrant Hunger Strikers

Jaime Valdez was deported in the middle of the night, as he entered his ninth day of a hunger strike.