Georgia Immigrant Detainees 'Riot' Over Maggot-Filled Food

Detainees at multiple detention centers around the country have strikingly similar complaints.

Paying to Get Locked Up: The High Fees of Juvenile Detention

Parents are charged $25 a day every day that their child is locked up, and that’s just one of many fees assessed for kids in the juvenile justice system.

Report: Feds Lock Children in Adult Immigration Detention

ICE has locked up more than 1,300 children in adult immigration detention centers in the last four years.

Two were under 10-years-old. Hundreds were locked up for more than a month.

Immigrant Family Detention Could Return to Texas

In 2009, the federal government stopped detaining families in Texas and cancelled plans to build new family detention facilities as advocates made clear that the practice was inhumane.

Documentary Pries Open the Door to Immigrant Detention Centers

Latina journalist Maria Hinojosa’s “Lost in Detention” airs tonight on PBS’ Frontline. spoke with Hinojosa about reporting the film, and the up-close reality of warehousing immigrants awaiting deportation.

Obama's Ongoing Detention Disaster

Promises, promises of reform, but still no follow through.

ICE Forces Counties to Join Controversial Deportation Program

While the government forges ahead, activists are back at the drawing board.

Obama Administration Brags About Record Year of Deportations

DHS calls system “thoughtful.” Indiscriminate and out-of-control are more apt adjectives.

Deportation Horror: A Journey From Texas to Bangladesh

Shahed Hossain describes his harrowing ordeal to ColorLines videographer Brian Palmer.

How Immigration Reform Got Caught in the Deportation Dragnet

Shahed Hossain’s shocking story reveals why Obama will have to use his power to halt mass deportations for any reform to work.

ICE Policy Leaves Detainees With No Legal Rep, Study Finds

Nearly 80 percent housed in places where they can’t get help in court.

Obama Halts 17K Deportations, But Record Number Await Hearings

Nearly a quarter million immigrants still await a hearing in their deportation cases.

Human Rights Watch: ICE Won't Protect Women from Sexual Abuse

Human Rights Watch has issued a scathing indictment of Homeland Security’s utter failure to protect women from abuse and harassment in detention.

Women Detainees Sexually Abused as ICE Polices Itself

Sexual abuse cases at a Texas detention facility reveals ICE’s failures to protect women.

For ICE Prisons, a Blank One-Year Progress Report

Today marks one year since ICE promised to fix the detention system. So far, there’s little to celebrate.

Salvadoran Man Commits Suicide in Immigration Detention

Jose Nelson Reyes-Zelaya had been in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody for a day when he was found dead after what officials called “apparent asphyxiation.”

Sex Assault Charges Back in ICE Detention Centers

ICE_assault_060310.jpgImmigration and Customs Enforcement quietly announced last week that it is investigating alleged sexual assault at a privately run immigrant detention center in Texas. The incident is the latest in a string of sexual assault charges and convictions at Texas detention centers.

Torn Apart by Deportation

ColorLines investigates the effects of deportation on families of color. Introducing a four-part series.

Torn Apart, Families Struggle to Stay Together

This piece was co-authored by Seth Wessler and Julianne Hing.

In recent months, the Obama administration has announced plans to expand the 287(g) program despite widespread abuses and racial profiling.

Introduction: Torn Apart

From New York to Jamaica, families struggle to stay together.