How to Watch President Obama's Immigration Announcement

CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox won’t be airing it

Obama Order May Give DACA Parents Some Relief

Insiders say the president will make a primetime announcement on Thursday

DHS Sued to Stop Deportations

The suit seeks to expand deferred action for more immigrants

LAUSD Asks Judge to Reveal Child Sex Abuse Victims' Immigration Status

The district’s motion confirms some parents’ fears.

Ongoing Deportations Inspire Revival of Sanctuary Movement

Faith leaders are bringing back a tactic from the 1980s.

Obama Moving on Immigration 'Fairly Soon'

Whether that means before or after the election remains unclear.

Obama Suggests He Won't Provide Immigration Relief Before Election

Immigration enforcement could actually get tougher until then

Trial Underway for North Carolina Sheriff Accused of Targeting Hispanic Drivers

Jailed drivers in Alamance County were automatically transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

U.N. Warns Against Deportations of Child Migrants

President Obama intends to deport most who’ve made it to the U.S.

Video: The War on Drugs and War on Immigrants Are Intertwined

The criminalization of black and immigrant communities uniquely impacts one oft-ignored group: black immigrants.

U.S. Begins Deportations of Central American Migrants

Thirty-eight women and children arrived in Honduras Monday.

Obama to Use Executive Action to Increase Border Enforcement

The president once again blamed Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform.

More than 70,000 Parents with U.S.-born Kids Deported in 2013

Families continue to be torn apart

Video: Immigration Policy Harms U.S. Citizens, Too

The citizen son of undocumented immigrants explains what’s at stake for mixed-status families.

Grandmother of Girl Who Covered Edward Sharpe's 'Home' Faces Deportation

They’re trying to keep their family together.

Risking Arrest for Her Mom

Despite opposition, one Latina keeps pushing for immigration reform

Hunger Striking at the White House

The strike against immigrant detentions and deportations will continue indefinitely.

Undocumented Activists Seek Meeting with Obama

Many remain skeptical that immigration enforcement will change.

Obama Wants Immigration Enforcement to Be Done 'More Humanely'

The president orders a review. Is that enough?

Extorted, Detained and Deported

After being extorted on the job, a deported waste management worker is fighting to return to the United States–and winning.