Report: Facebook Makes it Easy for Advertisers to Discriminate

Nonprofit journalism site ProPublica reveals that the social media site lets advertisers exclude users by “ethnic affinity.”

ICYMI: Pew Study Suggests Demographics Affect Science Views More Than Political Party

The study counters the popular narrative about bi-partisan polarization on all political issues. 

Census Infographic: How 'Slaves' Became 'African-Americans'

What would you have been called a century ago?

Racial Mismatch: Will White Seniors Support Today's Youth of Color?

How racial generational differences impact state spending–and the nation’s future.

Officer Darren Wilson Lives in Crestwood, Black Population 1.3%

Wilson has policed two cities with majority black working class populations–which look nothing like his own.

PBS's 'America By the Numbers' To Focus on Race This Fall

The series debuts on October 2.

Biggest Wave of Immigrants is Now Asian

Asian Americans are the best-educated, highest-income, fastest growing race group in the country.

'Minorities'? It's Not Even Accurate. Try 'People of Color'

“People of color” is now commonly used far beyond political circles, as “minority” fades into the category of things that used to be true. It is past time for the media and the general public to embrace the phrase.

Ya Es Oficial: White Births No Longer a Majority in the U.S.

Latinos continue to be the nation’s fastest growing group with their population increasing by 3.1 percent since 2010.

Asian-American Population Grew Faster than any Other Race Group in Last Decade

The Asian population grew faster than any other race group in the United States between 2000 and 2010, according to new Census data released last week.