debt ceiling

Budget Crisis Averted but at a Steep Cost

The shutdown is over and the debt ceiling is raised temporarily. A look at the high cost of the political drama and what race had to do with it.

The Super Committee Has Failed?! Wait, What's a Super Committee?

In Southeast D.C., where unemployment is close to 30 percent and where people are most likely to feel the pain of social service cuts, it’s enough to know the big picture: “They don’t seem to care about us.”

The Fed's Bombshell: Our Economy's Dead Until Congress Creates Jobs

After months of debate over the nation’s debt, the central bank’s unprecedented interest rates announcement this week was entirely about the jobs crisis. The subtext was clear: politics, not economics stand in the way of recovery.

The U.S. Doesn't Have a Debt Problem. It Has a Crisis of Values.

The debt deal is an extension of the grand bargain Washington’s leaders made with Wall Street nearly four years ago: to save the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The U.S. doesn’t have a debt problem; it has a values problem.

Debt Deal Casualties May Include College Aid for Poor Students

Tea party Republicans were willing to let the debt ceiling deadline pass in order to block Pell Grant funding, which one member has called “welfare of the 21st century.” The student aid program may be among the most vulnerable in the coming round of cuts.

Dems, Students Fight to Save Pell Grants Amid Debt Ceiling Talks

While Republicans push for more cutbacks, others fight for low-income students and students of color.