Preying on Black Ambition

From subprime mortgages to subprime credit cards and now subprime degrees, a small number of people continue to get rich off of black Americans’ aspirations.

Obama Skips GOP, Appoints Consumer Watchdog Cordray

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the sole reform to come out of the financial crisis that aims to deal with that fact.

It's Time to Lift the Debt Burden Wall Street Loaded Onto Our Backs

Banks have spent tens of millions trying to protect a predatory financial industry from accountability. There could be no more essential fight than making sure they don’t get their money’s worth.

Study: Only 37 Percent of Students Can Repay Loans on Time

And with 15 percent of black college grads out of work, that number’s likely to go up.

Lots More Students of Color in College--and in Debt

An Education Department study finds black students disproportionately in for-profit schools, students of color broadly in public institutions.