Death in Police Custody

Sandra Bland's Family Settles Civil Suit For $1.9 Million, Pledged Jail Procedure Changes

The settlement requires that the Texas jail where Bland died under suspcicious circumstances in 2015 implement electronic sensors that ensure timely and accurate jail cell checks.

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Huffington Post Counts 811 Jail Cell Deaths Since Sandra Bland

The site plans to continually update the database as more police custody deaths are uncovered.

Teen Dies in Kentucky Detention Center, Staff Waits 11 Minutes to Perform CPR

The preliminary coroner’s report says 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen likely died in her sleep.

Texas Trooper Charged With Perjury for Lying About Sandra Bland's Arrest

Brian Encinia arrested Bland before her mysterious and controversial death in police custody. 

Raynette Turner: The Latest Black Woman to Die in Police Custody

Raynette Turner was arrested for shoplifting. Two days later, she was dead.

Native Woman Sarah Lee Circle Bear Died in Police Custody in South Dakota

Witnesses say the police told the Lakota woman to “knock it off” and “quit faking” when she told them she was in pain.

Ralkina Jones: Another Black Woman Dies in Police Custody

Ralkina Jones died in a jail cell in a Cleveland suburb. Her family wants to know exactly what happened.

Native Activist Rexdale Henry Found Dead in Mississippi Police Custody

Henry, like Sandra Bland, was an activist who died in police custody after being arrested for a traffic violation.