Two police officers dressed in black stand behind a sign that says "City of Ferguson Police Department."

FBI, DEA, U.S. Attorneys to Receive Mandatory Implicit Bias Training

Attorney General Loretta Lynch: “Today’s announcement is an important step in our ongoing efforts to promote fairness, eliminate bias and build the stronger, safer, more just society that all Americans deserve.”

A purple mural depicts Prince with his eyes closed, it is signed "Mr. G."

Autopsy: Prince Overdosed on Fentanyl

The medical examiner says the fatal dose was self-injected.

Student Abandoned in Tiny Government Cell to Receive $4.1 Million

Daniel Chong was trapped for five days without a window, food, water, toilet, or any contact. He is still being treated for posttraumatic stress disorder.

Owner of Jenni Rivera Plane Being Investigated by DEA

The Associated Press is reporting the man widely believed to be behind the aviation company that owned the plane carrying Jenni Rivera was traveling in is an “ex-convict.”