Alvin Ailey. Black and white closeup of Black man in profile with short black hair and facial hair.

Barry Jenkins to Direct Alvin Ailey Film

The famed choreographer will finally get the Hollywood treatment.

Belén Pereyra-Alem and Yannick Lebrun. Black woman and man in black and brown performance outfits link arms in front of brown wall and floor

Vanessa Williams, Jillian Hervey Reflect on 60 Years of Alvin Ailey

The performers discuss the pioneering artist, his dance company and their importance to Black families for an HBO video series commemorating the institution’s 60th anniversary. 

Feet in red and white Nike shoes and legs in black jeans dance on grey pavement in front of Memphis skyline and blue sky

WATCH: Bluff City's Jookin Scene Takes Center Stage in 'Memphis Majic'

The documentary uses the story of Memphis’ jookin scene to explore the city’s history of Black resistance.

The One Thing Misty Copeland Said Her Barbie Must Have

“The power of being able to see yourself represented in different spaces means so much for the growth of a young child, to be able to think they can be anything.”

WATCH: Jill Scott’s New Video Has All the Feelings

From Black boys lost to failed relationships, Jilly from Philly’s new video will put you in your feelings—then help you climb out.

Two Black Dancers Lead in D.C. Production of 'Swan Lake'

The ballet world takes a jeté jump into the 21st century.

Remezcla's New Video Explores the Politics of the Dance Floor

Mexico City’s Fvded and Haiti’s Cyborg Dance Collective tear it up

Watch These Oakland Women Turf Battle [VIDEO]

They pretty much kill it.