Ghazala Khan in blue hijab next to Khizr Khan in black suit with blue tie and white shirt

Ghazala Khan on Trump: 'He Knows Nothing About True Sacrifice'

The Republican presidential nominee alluded to Khan’s silence during her husband’s moving speech about their son’s military sacrifice at the DNC as something dictated by Islam. She skillfully responded via The Washington Post.

ROUNDUP: What You Need to Know About the Reaction to bell hooks' Critique of 'Lemonade'

From Melissa Harris-Perry to Jamilah Lemieux, several prominent Black women in media and academia have weighed in on the state of Black Feminism and hooks’ take on the visual album. Listen in on the conversation.

BuzzFeed Apologizes For '27 Questions Black People Have For Black People' Video

But the company failed to remove the video from the site. Critics are not pleased.

ICYMI: Scholastic Pulls Book Depicting George Washington's Smiling Slaves

The publisher announced Sunday that it would remove ”A Birthday Cake for George Washington” from circulation. 

#ActualAsianPoet Claps Back at White Poet Who Used Asian Pen Name

Michael Derrick Hudson is coming under tremendous fire for using an Asian pseudonymn to get his poetry published. Ken Chen and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop have a powerful hashtag. Plus, the sister of the real Yi-Fen Chou speaks her peace. 

Dev Hynes Speaks Out Against 'Oyster Magazine' Censorship

The outspoken musician is alleging discrimination against Oyster Magazine, who he says cut a conversation piece between him and fellow musician Julian Casablancas of serious content regarding racism.

Chicago's Beverly Unitarian Church Removes 'Black Lives Matter' Sign After Criticism and Vitriol

The church removed the sign in large part because of the negativity of responses they got on social media. 

New 'Stonewall' Poster More Diverse Than Trailer

The new poster appears to be the film studio’s response to accusations of whitewashing. 

Filmmaker Sacha Jenkins to Critics: ‘Do I Have to Hold Everyone’s F***ing Hand?’

The “Fresh Dressed” director and ego trip magazine co-founder addresses the deeper implicatons of his new hip-hop fashion documentary’s, hipsterdom and criticism that that the film doesn’t go far enough.