crack cocaine

Watch: Cops Plant Crack in Black Business to Arrest Owner

Cops were willing to go above and beyond to insure one man’s arrest, including planting crack cocaine in clear view of the store’s multiple security cameras.

Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reforms Go Into Effect

An estimated 12,000 people serving time for crack cocaine offenses could see their sentences reduced.

The Next Battle for Crack Cocaine Sentence Reform? Congress

Not every crack cocaine offender will have their sentence reduced. Here’s why.

Justice Revisited! Crack Sentencing Reform Applies to Old Convictions

The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to retroactively apply Congress’ 2010 reform to drug convictions.

Obama Signs Drug Sentencing Reform Into Law

Reform advocates say the compromise bill is a first step to closing massive racial disparities in incarceration.

House Votes to Fix Drug Laws

The legislation would reduce disparities in crack and powder cocaine sentencing, which has swelled the black prison population over the past two decades.

Push to Fix Drug Laws Before Congress' Summer Break

A compromise bill awaiting House attention would reduce, but not get rid of the crack-powder cocaine disparity.