Native Appropriations Reminds You: Don't Dress up Like an Indian on Halloween

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Eight 'Ethnic' Halloween Costumes That Went Horribly Wrong

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Here's How You Can Dress Your Child Up Like a Famous Artist This Halloween

Dear parents, 

Still looking for Halloween ideas for the kids? Look no further. Here’s how you can dress your adorable child up like a famous artist this year. Why? Well, why not? For instance, check out this Frida Kahlo costume from Oh Happy Day:

Frida Kahlo // We based this costume off one of the beautiful Frida Kahlo’s self portraits. The key to a good Frida costume is the flowers in the hair and the unibrow and moustache.

Materials Needed: Clip on Flowers, Eyeliner Pencil, Earrings, Scarf, and Dress.

Ohio Students Warn Against Being a Racist Fool This Halloween

Controversy surrounding racially offensive Halloween costumes and theme parties have become a routine part of the holiday on college campuses. One student group wants to make a difference.