Corrections Corp.

WTF, ICE? A Week's Worth of Troubling Immigration Revelations

Immigration reform is moving ahead, sort of. But that hasn’t stopped federal immigration enforcers and those who profit off of it from steamrolling everything around.

CEO of Largest Private Prison Company: No Worries About Immigration Reform

On a call for investors on Thursday, the president and CEO of the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the country’s largest private prison contractor, said that he’s not concerned about the impact that immigration reform might have on the immigration detention business.

Largest Private Prison Group in U.S. Wishes You a Happy Black History Month

The CEO of the largest private corrections company in the United States wants to wish you a happy Black History Month.

Man Sentenced to 3 Years For Leading Mississippi Prison Riot

Juan Lopez-Fuentes became the first inmate to be sentenced for a riot that rattled a Mississippi federal prison in May.

What Started a Mississippi Prison Riot? Depends on Who You Ask

A for-profit, Corrections Corporation of America facility holding non-citizen inmates is on lockdown after a weekend riot. Officials insist it was a gang feud. But reports from inside suggest a pattern of abuse and neglect that has recurred at privately run prisons.