cornel west

Cornel West. Black man with salt and pepper Afro

Cornel West to Activists, Immigrants: Let's Dump The Democratic Party

“If a class-conscious multi-racial party attuned to anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-militaristic issues and grounded in ecological commitments can reconfigure our citizenship, maybe our decaying democracy has a chance.”

John Coltrane in black-and-white image holding saxophone

John Coltrane Documentary, Narrated by Denzel Washington, to Debut

“Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary” will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8.

Anti-Police Brutality Organizer: 'I Am Glad Quentin Tarantino Came'

Carl Dix, an organizer behind an anti-brutality protest attended by Quentin Tarantino, went toe-to-toe with Megyn Kelly and ex-LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman on Kelly’s Fox News show. 

RECAP: From #BlackLivesMatter to #RiseUpOctober, a Day of Protest

Photos and videos of activists in New York City, Chicago and Ithaca as they rallied and marched against structural racism and its impact on people of color in this nation.

More than 1,000 Black Activists Sign Statement of Support for Palestine

And they call for the U.S. government to cut diplomatic and economic aid to Israel.

The Top 5 Things Folks Are Saying About Dyson vs. West

“The Ghost of Cornel West,” Michael Eric Dyson’s takedown of his former mentor and friend, has been a hot topic for days. For posterity, here’s a highly unscientific survey of what people think about it.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global While Focus Stays on the Poor

President Obama chimed in and Brooklyn activists used song to stop foreclosures as this weekend’s Occupy protests continued around the globe.

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Stand Up to Bill O'Reilly

The two were on the show to discuss their poverty tour and presumably put O’Reilly in check.

Sharpton, Cornel West and What Real Accountability Would Look Like

A sharp debate on MSNBC brought out issues of class and leadership, but largely missed the point.