Cordoba House

Rep. Keith Ellison Talks About Beating the "Anti-Islam Industry"

ColorLines speaks with Congress’ first Muslim member. “I urge people to come together to build some understanding,” Ellison says.

Tracking Attacks on Muslims This Summer

The sentiments President Obama responded to this week have already moved past rhetorical hate and into violence.

American Muslims Speak Out: 9/11 Happened to Us All

PSA’s put a new face on the Park51 debate and 9/11.

Obama on Muslim Americans--Not Us Against Them, "It's Just Us"

The president wound up his press conference with a clear, strong statement defending Muslim Americans against weeks of attacks.

This 9/11, Let's All Take Responsibility for Ending a Summer of Hate

A few loud voices are spewing hate, but unless the rest of us stand up and counter it they will set the tone for us all.

GOP Sen. Hatch: Religious Freedom "Made This Country Great"

The Utah lawmaker notes that Muslims were killed on 9/11, too.

At Park51, Praying for an End to the "Ground Zero Mosque" Hatred

The real hate we should all fear is the one that smears a peaceful Muslim congregation and incites violence around the country.